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Child Protection

Child Protection

I have been involved in children's club welfare for over five years, where I initially started in grass roots football via the FA, where I still am the Club Welfare Officer for a junior football team. 

So, as you can imagine I was both excited and delighted to help in the initial set up here at SZ Racing Club and become the lead person dealing with their club welfare.

I am aware of government guidance, core legislation and the national framework for safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and young people. 

As a parent I truly believe that our children have the right to have fun and be safe in the activities which they choose, and as a parents we have to know that these clubs in which we entrust our children are safe. 

Therefore everyone who volunteers within SZ Racing is CRB checked and are aware of our club policies and procedures. 

Should anyone wish to speak to me about anything, I am around most training and race days, alternatively I can be contacted via our club email address.

Warmest Regards

Helen Chapman 




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Helen Chapman


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